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Zohar Yakhini

Zohar Yakhini IDC

  • Visiting faculty at the Department of Computer Science, Technion, Haifa

  • Faculty member at the School of Computer Science, the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzeliya

Research Interests

Research in my group addresses algorithmic, statistical and other information aspects of molecular measurement in the context of genomics and proteomics. Active and past projects include:
  • Statistical analysis of ranked lists
  • miRNA and other non-coding RNA
  • Systems biology
  • Combinatorial optimization and assay design for novel measurement technology
  • Joint analysis of molecular measurement data
  • Synthetic biology

A list of selected publications can be found here (pdf) or here (Google Scholar profile).
Student Projects

Current Students, at the Technion:
  1. Leon Anavy, PhD - Sequence design with applications in synthetic biology.
  2. Edward Vitkin, PhD - Topics in modelling metabolic networks and applications.
  3. Dalia Cohn-Alperovich, MSc - Inference of multi-factorial effects in big data sets.
Current joint students at Tel-Aviv University:
  1. Shay Ben-Elazar, PhD - HiC data, phasing and spatial enrichment; Joint with Prof Benny Chor, TAU.
Former Students:
  1. Israel Steinfeld, PhD 2013 - Assay design and data analysis in studies combining multiple high throughput measurement technologies.
  2. Limor Leibovich, PhD 2013 - Statistical enrichment in ranked lists.
  3. Shay Ben-Elazar, MSc 2013 - Analysis of HiC data; Joint with Dr Itai Yanai, Technion.
  4. Yaara David, MSc 2011- Analysis of time of replication data; Joint with Prof Yonina Eldar, Technion.
  5. Roy Navon, MSc 2010 - Rank based statistics in analyzing high-throughput genomic data; Joint with Prof Benny Chor, TAU. Thesis
  6. Eran Eden, MSc 2007. Discovering Motifs in Ranked Lists of DNA Sequences. Thesis
  7. Doron Lipson, PhD 2007 - Computational Aspects of DNA Copy Number Measurement. Thesis
  8. Chaya Ben-Zaken Zilberstein, PhD 2006 - Spotting Regulatory Elements by Micro- Arrays.
  9. Ari Frank, MSc 2002 - Feature selection in gene expression data; Joint with Prof Dan Geiger, Technion.
  10. Doron Lipson, MSc 2002 - Optimization Problems in Design of Olinucleotides for Hybridization-based Methods; Joint with Prof Uri Sivan, Technion. Thesis


  • GOrilla - a tool for identifying and visualizing enriched GO terms in ranked lists of genes. Developed by Roy Navon, Eran Eden, Israel Steinfeld and Doron Lipson.
  • MonoClad- find meaningful partitions using semi-supervised class discovery. Developed by Israel Steinfeld and Roy Navon.
  • DRIM - a tool for discovering motifs in a list of ranked DNA sequences. Developed by Eran Eden.
  • HaarSeg- a segmentation algorithm for tiling microarrays. Developed by Erez Ben-Yaacov.
  • UnMeRFi- Under-Methylated Region Finder. Developed by Israel Steinfeld.
  • Stepgram - application for aberration calling in aCGH data Developed by Doron Lipson.
  • ATRHunter- find approximate tandem repeats in a genomic sequence. Developed by Ydo Wexler.
  • GeneSelector - find a small subset of genes for classification of expression data. Developed by Ari Frank.
  • ProbeSpec - for mapping the specificity of all candidate probes for a given sequence. Developed by Doron Lipson.
  • SimTree - online tool for computing the similarity between RNA secondary structures. Developed by Eran Eden and Izhar Wallach.
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Zohar Yakhini
Contact Information

e-mail (Best!!!):
Office at the Technion: +972 4 829 4937
Cell-phone: +972 52 4299 728

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